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EVM Artist Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency tailored for the music industry. We provide leading advice and creative expertise for music brands of all sizes. Our goal is to streamline our clients growth potential by providing specialized marketing services to expand their brand. We provide our clients the opportunity to reduce their to-do list by enlisting us to handle our areas of expertise.  Our extensive network and creative vision sets us apart; driven by results, EVM takes pride in reaching our benchmarks and helping Artists grow in a calculated fashion. Our work is done with nothing but love and passion for music, and people.

Career Development

Career Development

STRATEGICAL PLANNING: Big things happen if everyone in the team knows what to do and when․We handcraft our strategy, based on best practices and specifics of each project․ Your fanbase is your greatest and most valuable asset․ We identify, mobilize and manage your diehard fans, who spread the word just for a piece of your attention․

PRESS RELEASES: Every music project should have an official announcement. We distribute releases and provide a detailed pickup report upon distribution. You’re striving to make yourself known in an overcrowded market, so it’s important to find ways to ensure media coverage in a wide and precise manner. Press releases help you to boost your visibility.

MEDIA PLACEMENTS: An artist without a story that resonates with a niche audience is lost in an ocean of noise. We have access to journalists who cover a wide variety of entertainment topics. Secure coverage in popular magazines and blogs.

Artist Direction

Artist Direction

BRAND IDENTITY: It’s the logotype, name, color scheme, message, personality and quirks that the public associates with you․We help you shape your brand.

WEB DESIGN: No matter what you’ve heard, a website is not to keep people informed․ A good website converts visitors into fans.

PROMOTIONAL RELEASE CAMPAIGNS: We build a creative strategy in anticipation of new music releases by developing content for your social media accounts. Flood your channels with high quality eye catchy designs, trailers, and more.

COVER ART DESIGN: Cover art is vital for the project’s success. We design custom Artwork that will fit your creative ideas and set your release apart.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

CONTENT CREATION: A catchy line, a neat piece of prose, or a little personal video can make a world of difference․We help you create the content and products that will feel 100% ‘yours’․

POST OPTIMIZATION: Grow your social media following and engage with your audience in a more meaningful way. We develop customized strategies to content plans and schedules that will fit your brand perfectly. Focus On Your Music. We Focus On Your Content.

PAID DIGITAL ADVERTISING: Get ready to transform your digital marketing efforts by engaging our experts to create and manage your digital ad campaigns. We have hands on experience testing, managing and optimizing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Publishing + Promotions

Publishing + Promotions

STREAMING PLATFORM PROMOTIONS: Bring your music in front of new audience members. We will promote your music through our extensive network of curators to find playlist placements that are just right for your sound. Our goal is to build your overall presence on all digital streaming platforms by growing your monthly listeners, setting you up for long term success.

PUBLISHING & DISTRIBUTION: Our agents will streamline and simplify the process of proper publication and distribution of all compositions. We ensure timely and organized  releases through various partnered distribution channels and the collection of all mechanical, sync, performance licensing rights for our clients.

RADIO PROMOTIONS: Radio airplay is a key way for artists to reach new fans and break into the charts. Our team of experienced radio pluggers target national and regional stations, radio DJs, producers and key decision makers to secure airplay for your release.

Emerge as an Artist.

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your dreams of performing in front of packed stadiums into more than just dreams, you need to have a solid plan in place to make that happen. EVM has the right tools to help you get to where you need to go. If you are putting out a quality product, take yourself seriously and treat yourself as a professional business.

As you build your career, the most important focus should be realistic planning and reasonable steps. As you put out consistently good work, it’s important to bring on an experienced team to help you promote that work as part of that plan. Utilizing EVM’s many products and working with our experienced team will help you to build your ladder to success.

Partnered Streaming Platforms.

Streaming Platforms Open the Gates.

How do I get my music “out there”? You have a great song, but you are a relatively new artist and it can be difficult to engage new fans.  Sound familiar?

Our team has a vast network of third party playlist curators that we will attempt to place your music on. In addition, we will provide you with feedback from tastemaker curators on the streaming platforms so that you can make strategic decisions about your future projects.

We have worked plenty of these projects that have trigged the Discover Weekly and Release Radar algorithms. By hiring us, our hope is to use our third party network of curators to sustain your project through the current release and up until the next release.

Your Digital Footprint.

Your digital footprint is your visual identity, and a culmination of who you are as an Artist online. In this day and age, Artist’s are enabled through social media and streaming options more than ever.

How is an artist supposed to record hit records, post on social media 10 times a day, interact with their fans, headline a tour?? It’s not possible. If you want to take your career serious, you need an experienced team in your corner. We have been running social media content management for many major and indie artists alike.

Ready to Grow as an Artist?